Picket Michael Schiavo
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
  Picket Michael - Signs & Slogans [Original version posted on Crystal Clear]

This is not only about rattling Michael like he deserves but exposing these details to the world in a way they'll finally understand. (Or at least consider - sometimes it takes people a while.) I'm watching picket signs on TV, so the world is watching too. Here are some ideas for inspiration. I tried to be careful about wording in case libel is an issue. But fair is fair:

Picket Signs

Michael - How Did Your Wife End Up In The Hospital?
Michael - We're On To You
Michael - You Lying Bastard
Michael - Did You Strangle Your Wife?
Michael - Are You Trying to Bury the Evidence?

Michael - Don't Forget Scott Peterson Got the Death Penalty
Michael - We Know Your Wife Can Speak You Lying Bastard
Michael - The World's About To Find Out Your Wife Doesn't Have PVS

Michael - How Can Someone With PVS Say, "Help Me"?
Michael - When Your Wife Said "Help Me" She Wasn't Talking To You
Michael - We Know Your Wife Said "Help Me" (What, "Help me DIE?")

Michael - We Know You Don't Get Your Next Big Payoff Until She's Killed
Michael - Death By Dehydration Is More Painful Than Surgery You Bastard
Michael - We Know You Put Your Wife Through Excruciating Pain
Michael - At Least Feed Her Water So The Pain Won't Be As Unbearable
Michael - Does Your Common-Law Wife Get To Watch Too? How 'Bout The New Kids?
Michael - Why Won't You Let The Parents In The Door?

Michael - We're On To the Judge, Too

Judge Greer - We're On To You Too
Judge Greer - What Background Qualifies You To Be A "Judge"?
Judge Greer - We Know Who Pays Your Bills

Why Won't Judge Greer Accept The Doctors' Evidence?
I Vote Judge Greer Out Of Office
I Vote To Have Judge Greer Ex-Communicated From Civil Society

Michael - We Know About Your Abuse Of Other Women, Too
Michael - Why Are Women Afraid Of You?
Michael - Why Are The Nurses Afraid Of You?
Michael - Why Isn't $10 Million Enough To Buy You Off?
Michael - $10 Million Says You're Either Very Noble Or Very Guilty (But Nothing In Between)
Michael - You Incriminated Yourself On Larry King. Thank You! :-)
Michael - You Incriminated Yourself On Larry King. Gotcha!
Michael - Why Can't You Keep Your Story Straight?

Have I forgotten any other ones appropriate to the situation? 
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